“ A Place of the Sacred, and a Sacred Place to Be.”

The Open Door Sanctuary is a community of the Spirit dedicated to serving the Divine, the God of Your Own Understanding, or whatever name you give that Intelligence which animates all things. We strive to realize our spiritual potential in the honesty of our true nature and our humanity.

At the Open Door, we celebrate the Divine in all its manifestations both within our sacred gatherings and in the wider world through social and environmental activism. In our tradition, we consider every aspect of true service an act of healing.

The Inner Quest is our educational centre and provides ongoing training in aspects of the intuitive arts, spiritual philosophy, mediumship, intuitive development and spiritual healing. We offer internationally recognized courses and retreats throughout the year, both here and abroad.

Spiritualists seek to ...

Awaken to the sacredness of all life.

Encourage every child’s true nature.

Respect diversity, people and views.

Seek the thread of Truth that exists within all great religious expressions.

Nurture our honest progression toward truth and healing.

Foster reason, respect, hope, and union.

Unite in action to create a more just society.

Care for the well-being of every living thing.