About The Sanctuary

Our Philosophy for Living

To minimize suffering and maximize joy.

To share our talents.

To be in our nature.

To be of service.

To be in gratitude.

The Sanctuary

The Open Door Sanctuary is an independent centre of divine service and healing. It opened its doors to the public in 1939, and moved to its present location on Cook Street in Victoria in 1947. It has been in continuous existence since its formation in 1872 and today is a thriving entity, integrating as it does a modern outlook with a revival of Spiritualist traditions.

Since the late 19th century, Spiritualists have been a dynamic and influential force within the social, charitable, political and religious life of Victoria. Today, the community of the Open Door actively continues this legacy, as we support the larger community in both goods and services, and take part in political action when the needs of the common good demand it.

The Open Door is a registered non-profit Society and a federally registered Charity. We are an affiliate of the Spiritualists’ National Union in the United Kingdom, which is the governing organization of Spiritualist centres worldwide and home of the Arthur Findlay College. The Open Door Sanctuary is also the Canadian head office of the Spiritualists’ National Union International.

Unlike most of the world’s orthodox religions who are funded by a central body, the Open Door is completely independent and self-supporting. We rely upon our community of volunteers for creative fundraising in order to keep the doors open. In addition to offering private consultations, classes and workshops, we also accept charitable donations for the furtherance of our work of service. We have also built the only Spiritualist Columbarium in the world.