The Open Door Sanctuary is a community of the Spirit committed to the education and development of spiritually healthy, grounded individuals who seek to find their spiritual potential within their human experience. We offer a number of public and in-house educational opportunities throughout the year.
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Harmonial Path Program

This is a two year program of study designed to deepen the understanding and knowledge of those who wish to investigate Spiritualism as a pathway to a spiritual life.

We invite enquirers to apply to attend Year One of the Harmonial Path Program. This series of eight monthly evening classes normally runs from October through May. A commitment to the first three classes is expected, after which an invitation may then be extended to attend the remaining classes. Free of charge. Registration required.

Youth Lyceum

The Youth Lyceum meets regularly during a Sunday service to sing, play, paint and garden. Here they learn how to be responsible citizens, how to nurture their own talents and to honour their own divine natures. We do not raise Spiritualists. The choice as to whether or not to embrace Spiritualism or any other philosophy is theirs alone to decide later in life.

Ministerial Program

Reverends Robertson and James provide international in-depth  training and development for those serious students who are called to serve the Spirit as Spiritualist ministers. By Invitation only.

The Library

The Open Door Library has Spiritualist books and recordings for congregants to browse in-house. We also publish our own reprints of Spiritualist classics and have guardianship of a rare book collection.

The Inner Quest

inner quest

The Inner Quest is a non-denominational education centre for those interested in pursuing aspects of the Intuitive Arts as a pathway of divine unfoldment. It also trains and oversees the work of the Inner Quest Healers who offer their services both here and abroad. For a complete list of classes, workshops, public healing sessions, animal healing, and other offerings, please visit the Inner Quest Centre website at