Our Sacred Services


Our weekly sacred Sunday service comprises contact healing, inspirational addresses, acknowledgements of gratitude, prayers and music, and a demonstration of mediumship.

Unlike more orthodox sermons, the inspirational address is improvised and the speaker will use his or her sensitivity to gauge the immediate spiritual needs of those assembled. In a demonstration of mediumship, the medium serves those in the spirit world who can no longer “speak” for themselves on this earth, but who have a need of communication with someone usually present in the room. This communication, if accomplished properly and with integrity, will always result in a healing of both the spirit speaker and the recipient of the communication at some level.

One of the dearest aims of every true Spiritualist practitioner, minister, speaker and medium, is to inspire each soul to awaken to his or her own divine potential, his or her own Beauty, and to awaken the power that resides within every human soul.


Guided Mind Journey and Healing Service

The public is invited to join us for our weekly Guided Mind Journey and Healing service. This contemplative hour is an opportunity for you to withdraw from the outside world for a short time, and simply be with your own spirit as you are led on a spoken meditation. The evening concludes with a session of contact healing for those who wish it. All are welcome. By donation.

A Word about Mediumship

Of recent times, the once dignified act of mediumship has sadly become little more than a diversion of the most sensational kind, completely divorced from its sacred purpose. In our tradition, however, mediumship is a sacred act, a healing act. Time spent with the spirit world is of little worth if we are not inspired by its communications to live the best possible life we can, here and now.

Some mediums may act primarily as an intermediary between ourselves and the spirit world, and others practice what is traditionally seen as healing mediumship. However, in our view, all true mediums are healers. The ethical and developed medium is charged with awakening the power of the Spirit within each individual present, and evoking their personal connection with the Divine.

Reverends Brian Robertson and Simon James head a team of mediums and healers who work at the Open Door Sanctuary and who have all been trained through the Inner Quest Foundation.

The special sacred services of celebration throughout our year include some which highlight Modern Spiritualism, as well as traditions which have more ancient roots. We honour the cycles of nature, the solstices, and recognize the elements of earth, air, fire and water which underlie the natural rhythm of our church year.