Spiritual Healing

For decades, the Open Door Sanctuary has been served by the Inner Quest Healers at our many weekly services and public sessions. Every healer has been extensively trained by the Inner Quest Foundation and works within a strict code of legal and ethical conduct. All are committed to ongoing training and development in pursuit of excellence, driven by their dedication and desire to serve.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing has never been the sole prerogative of any one philosophy or discipline. Divine healing influences have been ever present and have been manifest throughout the ages.

A true spiritual healer understands that he or she is not the source of healing, but rather the medium through which the healing power may work. This is the primary distinction between a spiritual healer and an energetic healer, who draws primarily upon his or her own vital forces to effect a desired change in the recipient. An attuned spiritual healer allows the Divine Intelligence to effect the healing most needed by the spirit of the recipient, whether that be of body, mind, emotion, or spirit.

What does spiritual healing look like?

Spiritual healing may take place in the presence or the absence of the recipient. In the first instance, which we call contact healing, the healer places his hands lightly upon the recipient’s shoulders while attuning to the Source of all healing. In absent healing, the same nature of attunement takes place in the physical absence of the recipient. Both methods are equally effective. Please be aware that spiritual healing is highly complementary to, but not a substitute for, orthodox medical treatment.

How to Receive Healing

Contact Healing

The Inner Quest healers offer contact healing at the Open Door Sanctuary as part of regular weekly gatherings on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. They also serve the public on select Saturday mornings, and do outreach work in homes, hospitals and hospice.

Absent Healing

The Inner Quest healers work daily with several absent healing lists, including our extensive international list. Distance has no bearing on the effectiveness of the healing. If you would like to receive absent healing, or if you wish to discuss your particular needs, please contact the Open Door, or visit the Inner Quest  website and submit the Request for Absent Healing form. To arrange contact healing, please email our Healing Facilitator.

Animal Healing

The Inner Quest Foundation provides spiritual healing for animals. This may be contact healing or absent healing depending upon the circumstances most appropriate for the animal. For absent healing, please contact the Open Door, or visit the Inner Quest  website and submit the Request for Absent Healing form. To arrange contact healing, please email our Healing Facilitator.


At the Open Door Sanctuary, all aspects of our life and practice have to do with healing, bringing each individual closer to his or her humanly divine Nature.