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Who We Are

The ministers of the Open Door conduct public sacred services, offer private counselling in spiritual matters, conduct weddings and funerals, and attend upon those in need in the wider community. Reverend Simon James and Reverend Brian Robertson are also head tutors at the Inner Quest Foundation and at the Arthur Findlay College in Great Britain. As highly respected practitioners in their field, they also travel internationally to teach aspects of spiritual and intuitive development.

The community come together from all walks of life, united in the shared knowledge of the continuity of life, and in our personal quest to fulfill our spiritual potential throughout our human experience. Those who visit the Sanctuary will find a warm welcome and a sense of ease, as we create a respectful space for each individual to discover their own truth, in their own way.

Healers Heart 2011 Group

Reverend Brian Robertson, MSNU

Reverend Brian Robertson is a minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union and senior minister at the Open Door Sanctuary in Victoria, Canada, a position he has held since 1991. Brian is also founder and president of the Inner Quest Foundation, the educational arm of the Sanctuary which hosts major international retreats and provides an ongoing lyceum for serious students of the Intuitive Arts and healing mediumship.

Reverend Robertson has been a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College of Great Britain since 1995. He is an internationally recognized healer, medium, spiritual lecturer, and a highly respected teacher. During the course of his distinguished career spanning fourty years, he has been devoted to the development and training of a team of dedicated spiritual healers who offer their services both at the Open Door Sanctuary and internationally.

Reverend Robertson is committed to re-establishing a sacred vitality within Spiritualism, and to the development of ethical practitioners of mediumship who understand that, without spiritual awareness, we leave but a poor legacy to the world. He is regularly consulted by pre-eminent religious and secular organizations world-wide who seek his unique knowledge of spiritual matters. As a teacher, Brian’s down-to-earth guidance demands not only our attention, but our participation, as he encourages us to heal ourselves and thereby create the healing we wish to see in the world.


Reverend Simon James, MSNU

Reverend Simon James is an officiant and minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union, vice-president of the Inner Quest Foundation and minister at the Open Door Sanctuary in Victoria, Canada. He is a senior tutor and course organizer at the Arthur Findlay College of Great Britain where he teaches both students and instructors of mediumship. He holds a degree in Applied Psychology and has more than thirty years experience in the art of the Tarot, mythology and esoteric practice.

Simon James is one of today’s finest classical spiritual mediums and a living link to the British tradition of the early 20th century. He is one of only five mediums trained by the incomparable Gordon Higginson. His vast knowledge of comparative religion and ancient spiritual traditions brings a richness of historical continuity to his work as a teacher of both healing and mediumship in venues around the world. He believes that mediumistic knowledge is not the domain of the few, but rather intended for the spiritual well-being of the many.

Simon James is above all a healer and a Renaissance man whose depth of knowledge of mythology, psychology, ancient religions and esoteric traditions underlies the richness of his teaching. His humour and depth of compassion have uplifted all who have come within his compass the world over, as he shares his innate wisdom as teacher, guide, inspirational speaker, healer, and remarkable spiritual medium.


Reverend Terri Woolgar, CSNU

Terri Woolgar is a minister at the Open Door Sanctuary, facilitator of the Harmonial Philosophy Program, and former administrator for the international courses and retreats offered by the Inner Quest Foundation.  She studied Religion and Philosophy at the University of Victoria, and holds a Certificate in Spiritual Healing from the Spiritualists’ National Union of Great Britain. She has trained extensively with the Inner Quest Education Centre in the intuitive arts, mediumship and inspirational speaking.

Minister Woolgar is especially dedicated to preserving our Spiritualist heritage and to researching the work of our pioneers. In addition to her multi-faceted duties as administrator and advisor at the Open Door, she has compiled a rich resource of Spiritualist history. She shares her vast knowledge of Spiritualism within the ongoing courses she offers at the Open Door Sanctuary for new and continuing students of Spiritualism.

Terri is an experienced Inner Quest spiritual healer. She is regularly called upon to share her spiritual insights as a platform speaker at the Open Door’s weekly sacred services, and also officiates at funerals and at celebrations of life.