What We Know

Rational Spiritualism is a religious philosophy and a way of life

Spiritualists know and understand that there is a Divine Intelligence which we call the Great Spirit, that we are each and every one responsible for the creation of our own lives, and that life is eternal.

We are spiritual beings here and now

We continue to exist beyond that event we call death. Communication with the spirit world, called mediumship, is a an act of love and healing between those who have passed and those who remain. Mediumship is a sacred act. It is a wakeup call. It is a reminder that love is never lost, and that the way we live our lives on earth has a profound effect upon our eternal spiritual progress.

Spiritualism is a religion of conviction rather than conversion

We do not espouse any creed or dogma, nor do we follow a religious figurehead, living or dead. We are each responsible for the creation of our own lives. In the Rational Spiritualist view, each of us plays an equally vital role in the manifestation of divine love on this earth, whatever our chosen field and whatever our belief. Our task is to do so in the honesty of our true nature and our humanity.

Service is the coin of the Spirit at the Open Door Sanctuary

Historically, Spiritualists have been at the forefront of the western world’s great social reform movements including women’s rights, racial equality, issues of poverty and the nurturing of children. Today, the Open Door community actively engages in environmental movements and human rights issues at both global and local levels.

The Open Door Sanctuary's modern interpretation
of the
Seven Principles of Rational Spiritualism ©

Reverent Union with the Divine

The Unity of Humankind

Communion and Communication with the Spirit

The Continuous Existence of the Spirit

Personal Responsibility

Compensation of All Positive and Negative Thoughts, Words and Actions

The Path of Eternal Progression Open to All That Will to Tread It

The Seven Principles of Rational Spiritualism encompass the basic tenets of our knowledge and understanding, and serve as a guideline for living in our quest to fulfil our spiritual potential. We encourage any earnest inquirer into Spiritualism to use both their reason and their intuition. Things must make sense to both the head and the heart.